Psychologist - WDHS

Psychologist services are available at the Bush Nursing Centre through Western District Health Services. WDHS Psychologist, Angela O'Brien, is experienced in counselling for a wide range of psychological issues, in particular health related issues such as pain, weight management, chronic illness and cancer.

Angela is a Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Health Psychology, and is also a registered nurse.

Angela will be available for 1.5 hour appointments, or 1 hour for return clients, one day per month as a part of the Rural Primary Health Services Program. This program has been established through the Department of Health and Ageing, to improve access for people in rural areas to Allied Health Services. Appointments are offered free of charge through this program.

Patients can be referred by their doctor, nurses or other allied health professionals. Self referral is also accepted.

For an appointment or to discuss the services please call the Bush Nursing Centre.


Ann Vaughan, Angela O'Brien and Lisa Hutchins discuss the service