Clinical Services Overview

Heywood Rural Health provides acute / sub acute and residential care as part of a holistic rural health model. The service currently provides 5 acute and 45 residential care beds. Heywood community members are supported at Heywood Rural Health by 3 local medical officers (Dr Rob Stewart, Dr Frank Fox and Dr Janet Vanleerdam)

Emergency Department

The Emergency Department offers an urgent care service to the community, from a committed team of health professionals, including Medical and nursing staff. Upon presentation at Heywood Rural Health a nursing staff member will undertake an assessment of the patients condition and then provide supportive care prior to referring the patient to the most appropriate health setting, which may be :-

Acute Care

The 5 Acute care beds provide a vital service for Heywood community members, supporting palliative care, sub acute needs, chronic health conditions or healthcare while awaiting a bed in residential care.