The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes the rights of patients, consumers and other people using the Australian healthcare system. These rights are essential to make sure that wherever and whenever health care is provided, it is of high quality and is safe.

The Charter recognises that people receiving care and people providing health care all have important parts to play in achieving healthcare rights. It allows patients, consumers, families, carers and services providing care to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care. This shared understanding helps everyone to work together towards a safe and high quality healthcare system. A genuine partnership between patients, consumers and providers is important so that everyone achieves the best possible outcomes.

Your rights in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights


You have a right to the health care you need. This rights is supported by Medicare, which provides access to free or subsidised treatment by doctors, and access to free public hospital services.


You have a right to safe and high quality care. Patients, consumers and healthcare providers are all entitled to a safe, secure and supportive healthcare environment.


You have a right to be shown respect, to be treated with dignity and consideration, and without discrimination. Healthcare services should develop an environment that supports co-operation and communication between patients, consumers and staff.


High quality health care is based on open and effective two-way communication between you and your healthcare provider. You have a right to be informed about services, treatment, options and costs in a way that you can understand.


You have a right to take an active role in your health care and to be included in decisions and choices about your care.


Australian and Victorian laws protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health and other information. Information must be collected, used, stored and share in accordance with these laws.


You have a right to comment on your care, and to have your concerns addressed. Healthcare services should make information about their feedback processes easy to find

More Information

More national information on the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights is available at . Visit to learn more about how the Charter works in Victoria.