Organisational Culture Review

Saturday, September 17, 2016
The staff of Otway Health play a vital role in the delivery of patient care and other support services to our community. To gain a deeper understanding of the workplace culture of our organisation, the Board has decided to engage an external independent Consultant, Mr Chris Hicks to carry out an organisational culture review of Otway Health. Chris has held senior HR roles within the Victorian Public Health System and provides advice to metro / regional health services, Government Departments, unions and employer associations.


The Board has asked Chris to examine and assess the organisation’s workplace culture, (including responses to grievances and complaints of bullying, harassment and discrimination), as well as make recommendations that promote a positive workplace culture.


Teamwork and a supportive workplace culture are an important part of how we provide care / services – we would welcome your thoughts of what the workplace is like and ideas of what can be done to improve our organisation’s culture, including dealing with complaints, (especially related to bullying, harassment or discrimination).

The Board and Senior Management would like to invite all staff (including former staff) to meet with Chris to confidentially share your experiences of the workplace and ideas on what we can do to improve.

To make a time to meet with Chris, please contact Ms Kim Bazell on 5237-8502. Staff can meet with Chris individually or in small groups (up to 3 people).